Game Over 11 Oktober 2011

like seriously : Books stop enough , why ?
because Pmr is O V E R :D 
just waiting for the result .
banyak gila aktiviti dekat sekolah and
for me Boriiinnnng gila !
first day actvity kena buat senam robik inter class and Rusdians kena lawan balik Sinarians
sebab seri and that good enough .
second activity is Banana day which is we have to cook .
fuhh , I hate it :(
so till now activity Full gilaa and aku baru je balik camping in Teluk Segadas , Pangkor 
okay bye then :)

im just loving it ;D

pmr IS O V E R .
time to enjoyy maaannn , tapi just sekejap je and then ,  i need back the time to focus on 
SPM . 
jadual gila bapak penuh and till now every match inter house . 
Amber menang , i oove it :D because aku lah ppemain nyaa ,
woohoo bangga , okay guys . muka pun dah redburn --'
haha , next week camping Pulau Pangkor ,
btw i need these things :

and so on . so I have to buy these things . so bye then :)